For most moms, there’s not a lot of extra time in the day, especially for yourself.  We all know how essential that time is, and finding the right balance is a real challenge. When I had my daughter Sofie, I found that if I wanted to get a yoga session in, I could only do it when she napped. But naps were often only a half hour! That meant my practice often ended up being just 20 minutes, and those 20 minutes became essential for me and my well-being…not only to sweat and stretch my body, but also to quiet my mind, clear my thoughts, and be rested and refreshed for when she woke. 


Those sessions developed into several extremely efficient and productive workouts, which I’m excited to share with you.

For all those busy moms out there: 

Take a time out.  

Each video is a lead 20-minute flow class.  Choose one that you like and take this time for you. 

(Videos coming soon!)