I am passionate about teaching pregnant women—even more so now, as yoga was an integral part of my own pregnancy. My practice kept me grounded, allowing me to move while getting used to my ever-changing body. It also gave me time to quiet myself, tune in, and connect with the baby that was growing in my belly. Once I had my daughter, post-natal yoga afforded me great relief while my body slowly healed- helping me transition into new motherhood as I gained my strength and endurance back.

As a teacher, it is a privilege for me to go on this journey with you. Each trimester is so different. One of the reasons I love private pre-natal sessions is the freedom that they afford you during this constantly changing time. At any moment the direction of a session can shift depending on how you (or your kicking baby) may be feeling.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and personal time, and it is an honor for me to work with expectant mammas.